Why English?

Why is this website in English? Good question and not easy to answer. It could be also in German, Spanish or Portuguese (my french is not good enough to write more than a few basic frases. ;-)).

A few reasons why I have decided to write this website in English:

  • I think I will reach the biggest audience with English.
  • I have a few friends all over the world.
  • This website will contain a lot of stuff up developing websites. English is THE language in this area, so I thought it might be clever to write in English.
  • It might give me also the chance to improve my English skills (as it is not my mother tongue, please don’t be too harsh in your comments. Constructive critisism is highly appreciated, though – contact).

This does not mean that I might not write some posts in German, Spanish or even Portuguese from time to time. Depending on the audience that I would like to reach with the post an other language might be used.

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  1. Thank you for the advice, but my Spanish is fairly good. So you don’t have to worry about that. 😉

    Tenia que editar el comentario, ya que me parecía un poco demasiado “spammy”.

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