WordPress plugin: PXS Mail Form

Mail forms allow your visitors to get in contact with you in an fast and easy way. You can also avoid the parts of the email spam when avoiding to mention your email address on the blog.

The WordPress plugin PXS Mail form offers you a sofisticated and easy to instal / use mail form.

On the administration page for PXS mail form you can adapt the following aspects:

  • Email address: where would you like the emails to be sent?
  • Subject: Should there be a predefined subject? If yes: which? You can also allow users to enter their own subject.
  • Redirect: After the message has been sent, should the visitor be redirected? If yes: where should the redirection lead to?
  • CC Sender: you can allow the sender to send a copy of the email to their email address.
  • You can also specify a success manage and error messages for empty fields, a wrong email format and if the domain could not be found.

I have tried a few mail form plugins but at the end I think I will stick with the PXS mail form plugin. It is simple but yet allows you to change a lot directly from the administration page. The best: it has basically everything that is necessary.

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