Gumball: I am not alone!

I just read a post of Robert Basic, who’s blog BasicThinking is among the top visited blogs in Germany. On the 05.05. he was ranting about the Gumball race just like me (especially about the brands sponsoring the event, like Adidas and Deutsche Telekom). I can only agree with Robert. They could do their little race on a closed race track and everything is fine. Well, at least it is not only my opinion. 😉

See also my 2 previous posts about that brainless Gumball guys and how brands like Adidas can sponsor an illegal car race:

I can only hope that next year the German authorities will stop that race directly at the German border.

However, I still hope there will not be another race next year. But as I said before: With the amount of money you can earn with that stupid little race I really doubt it. They will give it another sad try and will miserably fail. Which sponsor with a little bit of brain will now sponsor this event?

On the other hand I thought that before and we all know how this has ended…

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