First month of Ubuntu 7.04 “Feisty Fawn” on FSC Amilo si 1520

It is almost one month now that I am using Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) on my new Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo si 1520 laptop. And, believe it or not: I still like it. Since I have installed Ubuntu I have booted Windows Vista twice. Once for the installation of the new firmware for my WLAN router. The guys at Siemens thought it would be clever to put the files into a self extracting .exe file. As I did not know what to do with the thing in Linux I just saved it and changed to Windows to extract it. Second time was yesterday to see whether I could connect with the router using windows, as I had some trouble to connect to my wireless network with Ubuntu 7.04. Finally I managed to solve the problem.

Obviously Ubuntu 7.04 has problems with hidden SSIDs (as suggested for the router). Once I was showing the SSID again it worked. If someone has a solution: just let me know. But also the Mac had some trouble to connect, but at least it worked. My Ubuntu was searching and searching and never got actually connected.

An other thing I am currently struggling with is syncing Evolution with Google Calendar via multisync-gui for opensync. Evolution seems to block all attempts to synchronize. On my search to find a solution I stumbled upon a project for a new GUI for Opensync, called GnomeSync. While still in a very basic design phase, the prototypes of the GUI look very interesting and more sophisticated than Multisync-GUI. But as this will probably take a while I will have to find a solution for Multisync-GUI.

Apart from that it I am very happy with Ubuntu on my notebook. And to be honest: I would have had these tools for Windows anyway (and I was searching quite a while). But I would really like to get this thing going.

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