Webanalytics Tools

On this website I am currently using two different webanalytics tools. Of course, I use Googles Analytics and I really like the new layout, which gives you a good overview. I read about reinvigorate, a webanalytics tool which is still in beta, on webanalyticsbook.com (why the hell is a search missing on that blog? I had to use Google to find the post about reinvigorate).

I am still testing this new tool and its only 12 days now, but so far I really like it. It is simple and easy to use and the graphs and the display of the figures are nice. I guess for now I will keep both, Google Analytics and Reinvigorate (we will see what happens when Reinvigorate comes out of beta)

Once I have a little more data I might put a few screen shots on this website to show you how Reinvigorate works and displays the data.

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