Bidirectional syncronization between Google Calendar and Mozilla Thunderbird

It took quite some while, but final it is there: the bidirectional synchronization between Google Calendar and Mozilla Thunderbird. I know, synchronization should be bidirectional by default, but lately the word synchronization was used with different meanings. However, I do not care anymore – it finally works!

I have tried it my own. WITH offline support!!! So, you can update your Google Calendar via Thunderbird and everything you change in Google Calendar will also show up in Thunderbird and can be displayed off-line (you have to choose “Work offline” from the “file” menu though). You can also make changes to Thunderbird and it will show up in Google Calendar after a while.

This made my day. I was waiting for this so long. 😉

The respective links:

It might have some bugs still, but so far it worked fine for me.

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  1. Cool! That’s the first thing I will try tomorrow morning!

    I really like Thunderbird and Lightning though I was scared of it when I was little 😉 but now…it might be a reason to love it 😉

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