Upgrade to Ubuntu 7.10 has negative impact on battery life

Since my upgrade to Ubuntu 7.10 my notebook’s battery life went considerably down. In my post Battery life of FSC Amilo si1520: Windows Vista vs. Ubuntu 7.04 I was mentioning a battery life of about 3:00 hours in normal conditions on my FSC Amilo si1520, with a dimmed screen and wifi off it was even possible to go up to 4:00 hours.

Now, after installing Ubuntu 7.10 the battery live in normal conditions is just below 2 hours (1:50h). Did anyone have the same problems? Any solutions?

Intel offered a little software to improve battery life on notebooks running Linux. The tricks are helping a little bit, but how can I make the changes permanent? Ideally you have experience with the Amilo si1520, but any tip will help, I guess.

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