is up and running again

After a fairly long time of absence is up and running again. Why was the site off-line you might ask now. I will tell you: the hosting company (which provided a good service during several years) closed down all their servers. From one day to the other. No warnings and – of course – no back ups available. The old site did not have too much information and was not really up to date. So no big loss.

However, I had a design listed for CSS Zengarden. Not in the “Top League” of the official designs, but in the category “conceptual” (whatever this means). You can find this design called “Wintertraum” (German for winter dream) on Mezzoblue in this list or you can go directly via this link. Unfortunately the files for those designs are hosted externally on your own server and not at, like they do with the official designs. This means once your server is down, the layout is not available. Luckily at CSS Zengarden they did not notice the long down time and did not take it from the list.

Another thing was a website which I did for my parents a while ago, who are running a small bed and breakfast in Kulmbach. Fortunately they do not make a living of it. However, the website had generated some leads, so I had to bring it back online as soon as possible.

Now, as this website is also running again I can concentrate on other projects, like this one. 😉

Thanks to WordPress, I had this website running within a few minutes. Since Version 2 it is even easier to install a website with WordPress: Fill in the information about the MySQL database in wp-config.php, upload the site to your webspace and you can start to blog.

However, first I wanted a nice theme because the default one, that come with the WordPress installation files are quite boring and used by so many. I really like “I-feel-dirty“, designed by “studio ST“, so that is what I am using now. I’d like to thank the guys for sharing this with the rest of us. However, in the future I might consider a custom design, just for this blog.

Now I will install a few plugins. They can really make life easier for you. But about the plugins I will write an other post, I think.

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