Google Gears does not work with Firefox on Ubuntu 7.04

I was trying to get Google Gears working on my computer. Not that I would really need it, but I like the idea to be able to read my feeds offline. That comes really handy when you are travelling and you do not have any internet connection. You could easily get up to date by reading through the latest posts on your favourite blogs and news sites.

However, when I click on the link Google is offering (“Offline New!”) in the upper right corner of Google Reader it opens a window, gives me the opportunity to install the plug-in. The plug-in installs, but after restarting Firefox the “Offline” links still shows up and I can not download the feeds to my computer.

Is anyone running Google Gears with Firefox and Ubuntu 7.04? Any idea how to fix the problem?

[UPDATE|22.11.07] Google Gears works now on my notebook! Read the story “Finally Google Gears works on Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn)” to know more.

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  1. Hi Sudhanshu,
    Thank you for the notice. I will give it a new try and report my new experiences then. I haven’t tested it since quite a while.

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