3 months of Ubuntu on my FSC Amilo si1520

About 3 months ago I wrote my post first post about Ubuntu on the FSC Amilo si1520. So it is time to write a follow up. I am still very happy with the notebook. In the above mentioned post I wrote about the software I was using at that time.

Here a little update:

  • OpenOffice: still a good alternative to Microsoft Office :-).
  • Evolution Thunderbird: I am back with Thunderbird for a couple of days now. I use it at work, have used it before for quite a while on my old notebook and I just feel more comfortable with it. As synchronizing between Evolution and Google Calendar with MultiSync did not work, I thought I could just go back.
  • Scribus: Nothing new year (Not really software that I use on a regular basis).
  • Inkscape: I love it!
  • Quanta Plus: Still a very good HTML editor.
  • Gimp.
  • Skype: Well, you have to stay in contact with the world, right? (Everyone uses Skype…)
  • FileZilla: fTP client.
  • Multisync-Gui: I just could not make it conect to Evolution and Google Calendar.
  • CUPS: PDF printer.
  • Hugin: panorama software.
  • Liferea Google Reader: Unfortunately has no offline reading ability (yet).
  • newgtk recordMyDesktop: This little piece of software records your desktop (or specific areas of it) to the .ogg format (I still have to figure out how to convert .ogg in a more common format)
  • newcMapTools: A nice mind mapping tool.
  • newGoogle Earth: Nice to see the area when planning a trip.

So at the end there are less changes than expected. I hope I did not forget anything.

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