Impact of WordPress theme on search engine results

A few days ago I have switched the theme of this blog from freicurv to WP-Polaroid and since then the visits on my blog (not very many visitors anyway) went down to zero yesterday.

I hope this switch to a new theme did not impact my search engine results that much and it is just a temporary issue. Especially for the Icybox 4220 I had quite good positions.

UPDATE I: Of course the theme has an impact on the visits, at least if you have the google analytics code hard coded into your theme… 😉 I guess the problem was, that I did not have the Google Analytics tracking code on the page anymore. We will see what tomorrow brings.

UPDATE II: The installation of the WordPress Plugin for Google Analytics didn’t help either. There is something wrong with that WP-Polaroid theme when it comes to web analytics. None of the tools that I was testing was working anymore, so I switched back to freicurv for now. It’s too late to figure out what is wrong with the theme.

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