Ubuntu Linux: Back up your files

While I wrote my post about online backup services I remembered that my last regular backup has been a while ago. A backup is only valuable when done on a regular basis and it has to be quite recent.

But there are two problems with most backup processes:

  • People forget about the backup
  • Backing up takes some time and can take some effort

So ideally there is a fixed backup schedule (automatic or with notifications) and the backup process is very simple and easy.

Currently I am using “Simple Backup” on Ubuntu. The good thing about it is, that it is easy. 😉

But to be honest: I think it is a little bit too simple! Here is what I would like to have in my backup program:

  • Reminder when to backup the data
  • Show the progress of the backup process and estimate when it will be finished
  • Finally a message when the backup process has finished

You might ask why I don’t want an automatic backup. Well, my NAS is connected via NFS and not always switched on, because currently I online use it for backup purposes. The problem with automatic backups and the NAS offline is that the backup files are saved in the folder that is linked to the shared directory on the NAS with in “media”. This happend to me and I first didn’t notice. Only when Ubuntu began to behave funny because the hard disc was full.

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