Asus Eee PC – It’s tiny!

I saw the Asus Eee PC at the local Saturn store. It is tiny!

The small size has of course its positive and negative aspects: You could really take it everywhere. It is lightweight and fits into almost any bag or back bag. The keyboard is too small for proper 10 finger typing and the screen is too small for proper working, even for my taste. 😉

But I that is not what the Eee PC is targeted for. While on a trip, for staying in contact with family and friends, doing some minor things in Open Office, checking and writing some emails, etc. this little helper would be perfect.

I didn’t have the chance for a proper test, but I could type some text and got an impression of the interface. Too windowsy for my taste. I first thought they had Windows XP installed. The built quality looked pretty good, for such an inexpensive tool.

The alternative from Elitegroup doesn’t look too bad either: ECS G10IL.

That’s what I’d call bad luck

Well, yesterday someone had hacked my blog. I was a little bit behind with updating, but I thought I’d wait for the new version, WordPress 2.5.

Anyway, as my blog wasn’t working any more after this attack, I had to reinstall everything, uploaded my back-ups, etc. And today the guys at release the new version. Basically 2 days too late!

I guess I will wait a few days to install WordPress 2.5. I can’t be bothered to do the same stuff again tonight.

First I will install all the important plug-ins. I give them a few weeks to fix the little problems that might appear in the next few days. 😉

Blog hacked

Incredible but true, my blog has been hacked. I am not too sure what they exactly did and why they did it, but I yesterday I was quite occupied to fix this.

Luckily I had a plug-in installed, that mailed me a backup of the database every week. So I have lost only one post.

Somehow it was my fault too. I have updated to the latest version (maybe also left out some in between), but I thought WordPress 2.5 will come soon…

I know, you should never do that. But at least the back-up strategy worked well. 😉

By the way: I have to install that back-up plug-in again.