Google Webmaster Tools: URL removal request denied!

A few days ago I have requested Google via Webmaster Tools to exclude my feed from the search result pages, as I think it is some kind of duplicate content and I do not see why the feed should appear in the SERPs. As Google’s Webmaster Tools offer this feature “URL removals” I thought I might give it a try. Continue reading “Google Webmaster Tools: URL removal request denied!”

Blog Editor: Scribefire

I am currently testing different blog editors on Ubuntu Linux. This is written with Scribefire, a blog editor plugin for Firefox (formerly know as Performancing).
On starting the editor I received an error message which I ignored. 😉
It seems like only the code view works, because the rich text editor or the preview mode do not show anything. Scribefire works fairly well, but I have to test the more sophisticated functionalities of this editor. Unfortunately I have a widescreen on my laptop and Scribefire is positioned horizontally in the browser. I would have prefered vertical, as I would have have “more space” for the website.

UPDATE: As default Scribefire is inserting “Powered by ScribeFire.” at the end of each post.

Gumball: I am not alone!

I just read a post of Robert Basic, who’s blog BasicThinking is among the top visited blogs in Germany. On the 05.05. he was ranting about the Gumball race just like me (especially about the brands sponsoring the event, like Adidas and Deutsche Telekom). I can only agree with Robert. They could do their little race on a closed race track and everything is fine. Well, at least it is not only my opinion. 😉 Continue reading “Gumball: I am not alone!”