Battery life of FSC Amilo si1520: Windows Vista vs. Ubuntu 7.04

Battery life of the FSC Amilo is OK but not exceptionally good. Especially from a sub notebook I would expect a little more working time when using the battery. This does not represent a scientific test, it is just about my experiences when working with this notebook.

Windows Vista

With the WLAN on and the screen on the highest brightness the laptop will not survive 3 hours (approx. 2:45 hours), without WLAN and a dimmed screen battery life can be prolonged. In this case it will last about 3:15-3:30 hours.

Ubuntu 7.04

My impression is that with Linux battery life is slightly better. With WLAN and a bright screen I can work for about 3 hours, when I dim the screen and switch of WLAN this goes up to 4 hours (3:5o – 4:00).

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When I have more information on this or something has changed I will update this. Please do not forget, this is not an objective test, but my subjective impression.

FSC si1520 and Ubuntu 7.04 “Feisty Fawn”

My new laptop FSC si1520 came with Windows Vista pre installed, but as I was always sympathising with Linux I had to give it a try – Ubuntu 7.04 was my choice. I had played with Linux before, but I always had some problems and did not have the time to go deeper into the Linux world. But this time it could be forever…
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Nice Weekend


Above you can see a panorama taken from your roof terrace just a few hours ago. We had an incredible weekend with really nice weather. It is good to be able to sit outside again, talking to friends and enjoying the sun. So I tought I might just share this moment with you with a picture.

I have used Hugin to generate this panorama out of two single pictures.