New Google Analytics

Today when I logged into my Google Analytics account I was informed that Google within the next month all Google Account will be updated.

The tour provided by Google looks very promising and interesting. Google Analytics was always a very interesting Tool for web analytics, but this new interface and the new statistics seem to be a huge step ahead (as far as I could see in the tour).

Unfortunately I still have the old interface, but I am really looking forward to make first tests. You will be able to create your own personalized dashboard, with the statistics and figure you want to see on first glimpse. This will accelerate the daily analysis of your web site traffic. The definition of time slots also seems to be improved.

A very interesting features is the so called “site overlay”: it will allow you to see certain information directly on your website, like how many visitors clicked on which link, etc.

Once I have access to the new interface I will give you a better overview.

Gumball: Or what the hell is wrong with Adidas?

I just saw some news about the Gumball ralley. I had never heard of this before, but it is a race where some rich kids spend a lot of money to drive through Europe (I won’t waste a backlink). The German police stopped them today, but I don’t think that the 420 Euros they had to pay, will hurt them much: the start fee is more than 40.000 Euros (Netzeitung in German). But what pisses me really off is something else… Continue reading “Gumball: Or what the hell is wrong with Adidas?”