Review: Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Si 1520

After more than 6 years with my old notebook (a HP Omnibook XE3 with a mobile PIII processor, 256 MB memory and a 20GB hard disk) I finally bought a new laptop.


My wish list for the new computer was:

  • A small screen, maximum 14 inch
  • Light weight
  • A dual core processor
  • At least 1024 MB of memory
  • A reasonable sized hard disk (at least 80GB)
  • Good battery live
  • No glare screen
  • A docking station with DVI
  • Reasonable priced

Quite a list, right? So, as always in life, I had to make some compromises. I had to sacrifice a few of the requirements listed above, but I think I have found a product that came quite close to “my ideal notebook”. Continue reading “Review: Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Si 1520”

WordPress-Plugin: Google Analyticator

Once your website is running you will be probably be interested in who is visiting your blog, where do the come from, etc. So you need some statistics about your visitors. I can recommend the web metrics package from Google, called Google Analytics. While it is not too complicated to insert the code you will need for using Analytics, I can recommend the WordPress Plugin Google Analyticator from Cavemonkey50. It inserts the code either to the header or the footer of your blog. I would recommend (as for all external scripts) you should insert the Google Analytics code in the footer by enabling the option “Footer tracking code”, so slow or unavailable Google servers will have almost no influence on your website’s performance.
Timo Aden, responsible for Google Analytics in Northern Europe, is writing (in German) a blog about everything concering Google Analytics ( [de]).